October 21, 2018
  • 1:04 pm Awesome, durable, beautiful!
  • 12:52 pm My favorite necklace ever.
  • 12:52 pm I purchased this product at a discounted or free rate in exchange for a honest and knowledgeable review
  • 12:52 pm I have been looking for an item like this for a while. I’m very pleased with the look of it and got it quickly. This is a gift for my granddaughter.
  • 12:52 pm I love my necklace. The chain does feel like it’ll break but we’ll see. I will order a customized one for my daughter later on.
Very satisfied with this personalized necklace. I bought this for my niece Lily and she loves it! I am going to be ordering more. It came very nicely packaged in a gift box and even had an extender which she did not need. I ordered in silver and it is absolutely beautiful. The shipping was a little slow but it is personalized and I wasn’t in a hurry. Seems to be nicely made can update on if it turns or how often it needs to be polished. I did ask my niece to take off before showering as I would with any necklace to avoid any type of shampoo build up. I rec’d this product slightly discounted for an honest review. I love it and will order more. If you have any questions please let me know I will be happy to answer. Custom Name Necklace
This is a really nice pendant necklace and the chain isn’t too short at all ( I was worried about that) it’s a good length ..yeah.. I pretty much love anything with my name on it 😀 Cheap Name Necklace
I was pleasantly surprised to received this necklace way ahead of the scheduled delivery date. It is a Christmas gift for my great-niece and I was racking my brain to figure out a nice substitute gift. It is very pretty and I am sure she is gonna love it.
I see me earning big auntie points for this one. I received this necklace at a discount for giving my honest opinion. This necklace is definitely 5 star!