October 21, 2018
  • 1:04 pm Awesome, durable, beautiful!
  • 12:52 pm My favorite necklace ever.
  • 12:52 pm I purchased this product at a discounted or free rate in exchange for a honest and knowledgeable review
  • 12:52 pm I have been looking for an item like this for a while. I’m very pleased with the look of it and got it quickly. This is a gift for my granddaughter.
  • 12:52 pm I love my necklace. The chain does feel like it’ll break but we’ll see. I will order a customized one for my daughter later on.
I got the silver on stainless steel because I know my skin pH discolors things. I want it for a few days and no discoloration so yes it is a keeper. Custom Name Necklace
This necklace is exactly what I wanted! The font is even cuter in person and fits perfectly with the word I chose for my necklace — my nickname, Unicorn — both of which are both whimsical and magical. I’m so happy I chose what I did. This jewelry is designed extremely well and the quality of jewelry is very high as far as not tarnishing or causing me an allergic reaction (which is pretty amazing considering almost all jewelry makes me break out in hives). I suggest this product to anyone looking for a custom name necklace because the shop was on-point with all my requests and with the adjustment I made last minute. In addition, they offer a wide array of options for fonts and add-ons (i.e. different kinds shapes like stars, hearts, etc), and they’re pretty quick to email a sample of what the completed design for the necklace will look like so that you can see if you like it or if you want to change anything. I would definitely order from this shop again and definitely get another necklace made through them. It’s very classy, very well made and all correspondence was handled very professionally and the level of customer service was extremely accommodating. Good deal! If you’re looking for a custom name necklace, this is the place you should order from! Cheap Name Necklace
I purchased this as a gift for my best friend and she has worn it every day since Christmas, in and out of the shower, and it has held up so far. She loves it